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Audience Research Tool

Audience Research Tool

This audience research template was created to help social media marketers define their target social media audience, and create an audience profile that they can use repeatedly. From the output of this audience research, marketers can create content that is engaging, meaningful and eventually delivers business results. Completing those below questions help you understand more about the target market and take required steps towards building a more effective social marketing strategy.

Keep in mind that the above audience research template is a basic and standard template, your audience research doesn’t have to end with this template, you can make use of most of powerful tool like Buzzsumo, Quantcast - these tools provide deep insights about who your audience is, and how they spend time across your properties.

Continually identifying challenges to reach and retain your target social media audiences, analyzing your competitors’ social media marketing strategies to discover opportunities to refine your content and boost your social media presences. But, don’t forget to revisit and adjust your strategies as there might be changes you need to make.

Audience Research

Who is your social media target audience?








What benefits for the audience when joining your community?

What other online community or website does your audience visit most often?

What is the ideal audience size for your social media channel(s)?

How often does your audience participate in online discussion?

Do you need help create a social media plan that convert?

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