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It is no longer difficult and costly to build high-quality backlinks to your website. Here we share white hat link building strategies that can help improve your website's rankings, increase organic traffic, and domain authority such as guest posts, profile links, forum posting, article comments, social bookmarking, and more. Using these link building resources and our Link Analysis Tools, makes the difficult and expensive process of link-building extremely easy and for almost no costs.

Web 2.0 Creation

Web 2.0 Submission Sites list

100+ web 2.0 sites to build backlinks and Second-Tier links

Profile Creation

Profile Creation Sites list

A profile creation websites list to build company profiles

Guest Post

Guest Post Sites list

600+ guest post websites to submit Press Releases

Social Bookmarking

Social Bookmarking Sites list

500+ social bookmarking websites to quickly build quality backlinks

PowerPoint Submission

PowerPoint Submission site list

100+ PPT submission sites for you to build backlinks

Forum Posting

Forum Submission site list

400+ posting websites to create backlinks from relevant topics

RSS Submission

RSS Submission Sites list

RSS Submission technique helps expose your post instantly

Business Directory

Business Directory Submission Sites list

Directory submission is a quick technique to boost website ranks

Classified Ad Submission

Classified Ad Submission Sites list

Advertise your business for free on these Classified Ad websites

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Off-Page SEO?

Off-Page SEO is the changes or tactics you can use to boost rankings that don't involve modifying your site’s pages. The foundation of off-page SEO is the total number of links to your website from other websites and its quality. These links can be from social media, such as Facebook or Twitter, reputable industry websites, or large companies in a similar industry, product review sites, or blog posts.

While off-page factors are complicated to control directly, they can often play a more prominent role in building your search rankings than on-page factors because off-page SEO is harder to manipulate. Search engines like Google place a significant priority on endorsements from these third-party websites in the form of links.

On-page factors can only be optimized to a certain point. You can only tweak your site meta description so many times. However, off-page SEO aspects can always be improved. The more you focus on building meaningful relationships with other sites on the web and with your customers, the better your rankings will become.

Is Off-Page SEO Important?

Off-page SEO is crucial. When you implement off-page SEO techniques correctly, these techniques will tell search engines that your website is essential to others on the web. The total number of links you receive from other websites acts as an endorsement telling search engines that your website content is quality and useful for readers.

If many websites follow the same on-page SEO strategies, off-page SEO signals can help search engines determine which website should rank higher in the search results pages. Search engines measure off-page SEO factors such as the number of links that point to your websites. If your website has more backlinks or mentions from other high authority websites than similar websites in the same industry, your website will likely rank higher.

What is Link Building?

One of the most important aspects of SEO is links. There are two types of links, follow links, which are considered by the search engines and usually result in higher page rankings. Another is no-follow links, which are considered less valuable by search engines like Google, so are of little consequence in getting an SEO boost.

Link building has traditionally been the backbone of how search engines operate as search engines scour the internet and crawl all the pages globally to find the connection between websites that link to each other.

You may have seen the clickable text on any online article or blog post that takes you to another page. You can think of each of these links as a vote, and not all the votes are the same. Some websites will be more authoritative and trustworthy than others. There are just three things that matter. The number of links pointing to your website, the ratio of links to linking domains, and the quality of those backlinks.

Generally speaking, you will improve your website visibility by improving your link profile. The more quality backlinks you have from other websites, the more authoritative your website will be to search engines. If there is no website linking to yours, it would be difficult for search engines to trust your website enough to return it in the search results when your targeted audience is searching for a similar business like yours.

What are the Link Building Techniques?

Search engines rely on links to decide if your web pages are trustable and authoritative. So, to earn and uphold that status, it is essential to always look out for new link building opportunities that you can take advantage of.

A straightforward way to find new link opportunities is to analyze the link profile of other websites that rank for a target keyword phrase. The logic is pretty straightforward. If a web page is ranking well for the targeted keywords, it must have some good quality backlinks. By examining their link profile, we may find some links that we would like to go after to help our rankings.

Another link opportunity you can take advantage of is guest posting. This technique means you reach out to another website and offer to write content for their website. Guest authoring can be a win-win solution where the website gets content that helps them and their users. In return, you get both exposure to a new audience and a quality backlink to your website within the content you have produced.

You may also want to be on the lookout for links from non-profit websites. Many companies support non-profit organizations through donations, expertise, or in-kind work. These organizations will often link back to your site wherever they highlight their Sponsors and organizations that they work with. Links from these domains are considered trustworthy by search engines, so you might want to think about reaching out to the nonprofits you are already working with and see if there is an opportunity for a link or story that you can publish on their site.

Another excellent link building method is to produce high-quality educational content to post on your website for the specific purpose of garnering a link back to it. By creating high-quality and informative educational content that fills gaps they are in need of, you will gain a network of people and web pages that are happy to link to you. Once again, this is a win-win situation where third-party websites benefit from directing their readers to trustworthy content. You will get the benefit of gaining links from reliable and relevant sites.

There are so many link building methods that can be easily uncovered from competitor backlink profiles. The critical thing is to spend the time analyzing what opportunities are out there and how you can take advantage of them. And remember to repeat this process with a handful of top-ranking pages for each of the keywords that you want to rank for.

Lastly, quality is much more important than quantity when it comes to building links. So, you should focus on the high-quality link opportunities and make sure that you are on the right path to having a trustworthy backlink profile that will be a long-term asset for your website.

What are the Benefits of Link Building?

When people find your content useful, they will post and share links to your content or indicate its quality by clicking a like or share button. At this point, search engines will take note. Understanding your audience and the keywords they are typing into search engines and creating quality content is the first step to SEO. But earning the links back to your website shows search engines how trustworthy and authoritative you are.

Link building helps increase a website’s ranking, and it also offers many advantages for businesses. The first benefit is to build relationships with other companies when you reach out to them for link building opportunities. This strategy helps foster a long-term relationship that is mutually beneficial to both businesses.

Strong links can drive more traffic to your website, improving your ranking for the targeted key phrase and boosting sales. If your website is linked to a relevant and most often visited site, those sales can quickly turn into repeat customers, and you can derive that benefit far into the future.

Also, a good link building profile helps improve your brand awareness. It shows that you are an authority in your industry through massive quality links to relevant content. It can also help promote the expertise of your company as well as its products and services.